What are the advantages of the new reform in the public transportation?
To date we have travelled by means of public transportation: bus, train, Metronit and light rail, and paid to each operator separately.

As of 1.1.2016, the new reform of the Ministry of Transport enables the purchase of a travel subscription that combines all public transportation throughout the country, through which it is possible to travel between and within the major metropolitan areas with no limitation in terms of areas using any selected transportation means, separately or in combination (subject to the subscription restrictions).
What is the metropolitan areas plan?
The public transportation map includes 4 metropolitan areas: Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Be'er Sheva.

Each metropolitan area is divided into 3 rings: the central ring (Ring 1) that includes the main city and its surroundings, and sub-rings (Ring 2 and Ring 3), which include several areas more distant then the city centre.

To travel in a particular area, or from region to region, you are required to purchase a subscription that covers the selected area(s).
What is a “metropolitan area” and how were the boundaries of the metropolitan area determined?
A metropolitan area is a geographical area that for most towns which it includes has work, service or recreation relations with the main city (the “mother city”). For example, many residents of Herzliya travel to work in Tel Aviv on a daily basis, and vice versa.

In order to implement the plan, the limits of the metropolitan areas were determined on the basis of various definitions accepted in Israel, with an emphasis on data that reflects the use of public transportation.
Will there be any changes in the number of existing lines and routes?
No! The new plan relates only to passes, their price and validity in terms of travel areas.
What are the types of subscriptions?
For travels between metropolitan areas there are 2 subscriptions: daily and monthly passes.

For travels within a metropolitan area there are 3 types of subscriptions: daily, weekly (7) and monthly (30) passes. The price of the subscription varies depending on the number of days of use and the number of travel areas it covers.
How to decide on the most suitable subscription for my needs?
Examine the map or the list of towns regarding the areas, starting points and destinations, and accordingly check the subscription type table to find the most suitable option in terms of subscription and prices.
Would I be able to travel using subscriptions to all parts of Israel?
You can choose a regional or country-wide subscription.
How can I purchase a regional subscription?
The purchase is made using the Rav Kav card you already own. Using the card, you can charge the selected new subscription and even actualize discounts.
What is "accumulated credit" and how do I use it?
The “accumulated credit” is a travel contract that relates to charging an amount of money on the Rav Kav card. You can charge in multiples of NIS 30, 50, 100, 150, and 200 that can be used on all public transportation lines.

In each travel, the card is charged at the price of a single ride and the amount is deducted from the accumulated credit. An accumulated credit is respected by all bus companies in public transportation and is not limited in time. By train it will be an acceptable payment method later.

If the passenger is entitled to a discount, it is given at the time of charging the accumulated credit, according to his / her personal eligibility profile as updated on the Rav Kav card.
Should I also have a Rav Kav card on a single ride?
You can still buy paper tickets for a single ride from the bus driver or at the train stations, but this is option not recommended since you cannot enjoy the benefits of the Rav-Kav, such as a free pass for 90-minute (for bus), a refund in case of loss, and other benefits.
If I don’t have a Rav Kav card, where can I get one?
You can issue a Rav Kav card at the Al Kav points and centers throughout the country. To locate your nearest center, go to Al Kav website at alhakav.mot.gov.il or visit the National Authority for Public Transport website.
I still have credit in my Rav Kav card, will I be able to use it?
All credit charged to the Rav Kav cards prior to the reform will be fully respected.
Where can I charge my subscription?
In regional travels you can charge the subscription at the Al-Kav centers throughout the country, at the automatic charging machines, at Casponets and at retail points. To locate charging locations nearest to you go to Locations for reloading
Can I charge a Rav Kav card on a computer or smartphone?
Of course! Go to ravkavonline.co.il, and download the app. Equip yourself with a card reader, and follow the instructions on the website. Additionally, you can purchase specific subscriptions on the websites of Israel Railways and Dan, without the need of special accessories.
Will I still be able to purchase a single ticket (paper or Rav Kav), and what will it enable me?
In Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem you can charge the Rav Kav card with a valid 90-minute pass for the Ring 1 area, which enables you to travel with different public transportation lines (the light rail and buses).
What are the types of subscriptions?
There are three types of subscriptions: daily, weekly (7) and monthly (30) passes. The price of the subscription varies depending on the number of days of use and the number of travel areas it covers.

Monthly pass / “Flexible 30”: A subscription for free bus and / or train travels.
The validity of the subscription is for a calendar month, from the 1st of the month and until the end of the month (purchase through the public transport operators starts on the 25th of each month) or for 30 days if the purchase is made at the train, the charging points or online.

Weekly pass / “Flexible 7”: The subscription is valid for seven days from the date of purchase.
The subscription enables you 7 days of travel from the date of purchase, and can be purchased at the train, the charging points or online.

Daily pass: A daily subscription is valid for the date or purchase only, from beginning and until the end of service, and is valid in the selected area. The subscription is valid for the selected means of transportation – bus, train, light rail, or Metronit.
Regarding a single ride: is it better the purchase a daily pass or a two-way ticket?
It is recommended to check the extra price in purchasing a daily pass as opposed to a single trip or a subscription between regions. If you are likely to make another travel during that day, you may want to purchase a daily pass.
To this day, I have only used a monthly pass for bus only in my area. Is the price going down?
The price of monthly pass enables unrestricted travel on all bus and train lines according to the selected subscription. For your convenience, a wide range of monthly passes to fit the nature of your travels.
I am eligible for a discount on public transportation, will I continue to enjoy it?
The range of discounts and those eligible to these has been expanded recently, and all discounts will be respected in the new method. To obtain eligibility, you must update your personal profile at the Al-Kav service stations. Detailed information regarding the various discounts can be found on the website of the National Authority for Public Transport.
Where can I find all the information regarding areas and prices?
On the website of the National Authority for Public Transport, on the different websites of the public transportation companies, and on the *8787 call center.
Is it possible to purchase subscriptions for train only (such as Flexible 30/7)?
From now on, all periodical subscriptions within a metropolitan area are combined and valid for all transportation means within that metropolitan area. Within the metropolitan area, it won’t be possible to purchase periodical subscriptions for the train only.
Will it be possible to purchase at the train subscriptions for areas with no train stations?
In the first stage - no. These subscriptions can be purchased from other transportation operators.
Will I still be able to purchase a ticket between two train stations?
It is possible to purchase a single ride ticket, a two-way ticket or a multiple ride ticket between two train stations. Also, it is possible to purchase a Flexible 30 or Flexible 7 for lines which are outside metropolitan areas.