About the reform

Charge, Combine, Travel, Save

Up until today, you have travelled by means of public transportation (bus, Metronit, train and light rail) and paid for each mean separately, depending on your starting point and travel destination.

From today, you can charge your Rav Kav card and pick your subscription, including: bus, train, Metronit and light rail, and so enjoy free travel in all these means of transportation (separately or in combination).

Think ‘Metropolis’ not ‘Destination’

The new transportation map makes it possible to travel between metropolitan areas. From now on, you can enjoy a cost-effective travel with a monthly or daily pass, between the metropolitan areas or across the country, not including Eilat and the Arava, all this at a reasonable price.

A variety of travel subscriptions at affordable prices

You can choose daily, weekly or monthly pass that includes public transportation in the selected metropolis. From today, you can enjoy more destinations and travel options at a more cost-effective price!

Charge your Rav Kav card with the selected travel subscription.

Using your Rav Kav card you can charge the new subscription chosen and even actualize discounts! Accessible, safe and comfortable to use.

Israel Upgrades to Advanced Transportation

The public transportation using the subscription includes free pass to all transportation means is similar to the method used in the most advanced countries in the world. From today, you too can enjoy the best of the transportation world.

No changes in lines and routes

There will be no change in the existing number of lines or the or routes. The new plan relates only to passes, their prices and validity in terms of travel areas.